The Belfry

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The Belfry background.

The Belfry is a converted stable block and carriage house that once served the nearby Sedbury House. Built in 1898 by Sir William Henry Marling the stables are believed to have replaced an existing structure.

The new stable block contained the Stable Masters house, the Head Grooms house, the Carriage house, the stable workshop and of course the the stables themselves. During the time Sedbury House was used as an approved school the old stable buildings were used as workshops where the boys were taught skills such as woodwork and metalwork.

Around 1995, nearly 100 year after they were built, work started on converting the stables into 10 private residential properties. Being in the curtilage of Sedbury House, itself a Grade II* listed building, it was foremost in the developers mind to maintain an affinity with the main house.

Each property has an individual character of its own and a number of the original features have been saved and can still be seen around the Belfry grounds. The properties all share a large central courtyard garden where the odd bottle of wine or glass of ale has been quaffed in the past!

The residents of the Belfry all belong to the Belfry Management Company. Each household own an equal share in this company which was created in order to manage the Belfry affairs. These mainly revolve around maintenance and other community issues. The Company itself owns the central courtyard, some of the Belfry roadways and a couple of small parcels of the surrounding land.