Sedbury House
The Belfry
Belfry Views
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Belfry Views

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The gravel road approach on the Belfry south side.

The approach to the main courtyard entrance.

The main entrance to the Belfry and its courtyards

Detail of main gates and the stone gate pillars.

Rear of the southern terrace viewed from road.

Courtyard corner and garden detail.

Sedbury House as seen from the Belfry.

Garden detail with local "pudding stone".

Sedbury House viewed from the main lawn.

Main terrace and courtyard gardens.

The Belfry approached from the top lane.

The central fountain in the new courtyard.

New houses and courtyard at the Belfry.

The "Putchers" salmon trap on the River Severn.

The fisherman's hut at the 'Putchers'.

Residents parking?
I think not!

Made for relaxation...

Messing about on the river.

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